Client Testimonials

“Frank is the best appraiser, by far, that I have worked with in my 20 years as a loan officer. He has done hundreds of appraisals for me, most of them very expensive homes, and has always done his job to the highest standard. I’m lucky to have met him early in my career, because he has been my “go-to” guy for many years.”
Steve Hainline
Wells Fargo Bank

“Courteous, knowledgeable and very professional. Frank is always a pleasure to work with. And he goes above and beyond the call of duty, spending time with me and my clients to make sure we understand any problems that arise. I have had many nice compliments from homeowners after he has been out to their properties, and this doesn’t happen with many appraisers, in my experience.”      
Norma Wiberg
Area Manager
Wells Fargo Bank

“I have known and worked with Frank Palatella for 18 years. He is one of the best appraisers in the business, and I’ve seen many of them come and go.”
Kurt Olson
Bank of America

“Frank Palatella is one of only three appraisers we use for our high value properties in San Diego County. His work is consistently among the best I see from all over the country. And he tells great stories, too!”  
Michelle Pecorino
Deutschebank Private Wealth Management

“Whenever I have a real estate related question, or need to know about a property’s value at any given time, present or past, I call Frank first. He has helped me with a wide variety of issues during the course of my legal career, dating back to the 1980’s.”
James Kostas

“Frank Palatella has helped many clients of mine over the past decade, and in my opinion he is as good an appraiser as you will ever find. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Alan Aiello
Evergreen Wealth Management

“Frank is the best appraiser I know, highly informed and in touch with the La Jolla market like few other appraisers are. He is a member of our local board (REBA) and I see him at meetings frequently. This is a key to understanding our market well, and he puts the time in like no one else. On top of that, he is a great guy, very lively, and has some very entertaining real estate stories. My clients love him.”
Greg Noonan
Prudential Realty (La Jolla)

“He is a wonderful appraiser, full of personality and just a pleasure to be around. I have even had him appraise two of my own homes, and couldn’t have been happier with his work. Frank is the kind of person I wish every appraiser could be, because I never have to think twice about recommending him to my clients.”
Ann Brizolis
Prudential Realty (Rancho Santa Fe)